28 Mile Route - GREEN

50 Mile Route - WHITE

62 Mile Route - ORANGE

If you have ridden with us before you know we offer numerous rest stops to take care of your hydration, energy, and rest needs. We really like to spoil our guests.

All of our rest stops are at local wineries! The number of rest stops you get to visit depends on the route you select. The longer your route, the more stops you have along the way. The shortest route, 28 miles along with the 50-mile route will take you to two wineries. Our 64-mile route stops at three wineries and a cider house.

Back by popular demand is our cider-house rest stop. All riders who opt to ride 50 miles or more get this location as an additional rest stop. The cider-house also offers samples and has farm produce on hand.

Each rest stop is well-stocked with energy foods and liquids to keep you pedaling on your way. We try to vary our offerings a little so you don’t get bored with the same old stuff at each stop. Water and Gatorade will be the main hydration beverages offered.

The wineries and the cider-house of course offer their wares to sample. Be prudent in your sampling – everyone responds to alcohol differently. 

NOTE: Remember, items can be purchased and we will port them back and have them waiting for you after your ride.